Windows Application Access Now Backed by Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop Service

Due to an increase in Microsoft licensing costs, remote access by NCSU students to VCL Windows systems has changed to be backed by Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). Users still use the VCL web site to select software. Rather than making a reservation for a VCL system, after selecting the desired software, users are given directions on how to remotely access the system that has the software available.

If you manage any Windows images and need to migrate the software to WVD, please contact VCL staff by sending an email to

Access to Linux resources remains the same as it has always been.

Faculty and Staff continue to be allowed to access Windows resources in VCL. However, many applications are only be available on WVD. So, faculty and staff are directed to use the applications in WVD the same as students.

Additional information can be found under the VCL section of this news article.

Access to traditional VCL resources for workloads that do not fit well into WVD can still be arranged by purchasing named user VDI licenses for each student that needs access. These licenses are for specific users and are purchased on an annual basis. Contact for additional information on purchasing VDI licenses for students.