Access Requirements

A valid account

This can be an NCSU account, an account from one of our participating academic partners, or a generic VCL account (requires approval).

A computer with an internet connection.

We recommend a broadband connection, some of the applications environment are graphic intensive and require faster connections. Dail-up modem has been tested and is being used but is not recommended for user satisfaction.

If connecting to a Windows VCL environment

a Remote Desktop Connection client is required.

Remote Desktop Connection Clients

  • Windows – Remote Desktop Connection is included in Windows
  • Mac OS X – Install Microsoft RemoteDesktopConnection from the Apple App Store
  • Linux/Unix – The client is called xfreerdp. Most modern distro’s include this package, if not the tool can be downloaded from a third party site:

Ericom Blaze: RDP Acceleration

  • The Ericom Blaze client is an rdp accelerator that exceeds the default remote desktop connection protocol
  • Installed in select VCL images, such as Solidworks, Matlab, AutoCad, etc
  • It requires a client to be downloaded (links for download are displayed on the Connect dialog for reservations with Blaze installed)
  • The clients are available for
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Mac OSX
    • IOS, and android devices(search for ericom in apple store or google play)

If connecting to a Unix VCL environment such as Linux or Solaris

an ssh client plus an X windows system is required.

SSH (Secure Shell) client

  • Windows – Putty lightweight ssh client available
  • Mac OS X – a native ssh client is available in the OS. Lauch the Terminal application.
    • Enter: ssh -X <yourusername>@<IP address provided on “Connect page”>
  • Linux/Unix – normally a native ssh client is available in the OS. Open a Terminal window
    • Enter: ssh -X<yourusername>@<IP address provided on “Connect page”>

X11 – X Window System