Remote Desktop Instructions for Linux

xfreerdp is a command line Remote Desktop client for Linux. It supports all features of RDP, including mapping local drives and printers to the remote computer. After installation it is invoked by typing the following into the shell:
xfreerdp [options]
A full list of options are given by running xfreerdp –help, but a sample command line might look like the following example. Note that the arguments changed in version 1.1. Check what version you have using xfreerdp –version.  Replace the <IP_Address> with the IP address provided in your VCL current reservation page.

(v1.1) xfreerdp /size:1024×768 /bpp:24 /sound:sys:alsa /drive:home,/home/<userid> /drive:root,/ +compression /cert-ignore +clipboard /u:<userid> /p:<password> /v:IP_Address

(v1.0) xfreerdp -g 1024×768 -a 24 -o –plugin rdpdr –data disk:home:/home/<userid> –plugin rdpdr –data disk:root:/  -z –ignore-certificate –plugin cliprdr -u <userid> -p <password> -n <IP_Address>

With username and password, replace <userid> with your username, <password> and <IP_Address> with the related password and IP address provided in the current reservation page.