How to Print From a Remote VCL Windows Computer

Printing within VCL can be difficult due to the number of different printers that exist and their different driver configurations.

Some printers are locally attached through Remote Desktop Connection and will be recognized by the default Windows printer drivers. If that is the case, you can send the printing job directly from VCL environment.

However, your local printer may not be supported by the default windows drivers or you may not be using a Windows reservation. To work around this, most VCL windows environments have pdfFactory installed. PdfFactory will show up as a virtual printer and is selectable as a printer within the windows applications. This will print the output to a pdf and then you can copy this pdf file to your local computer and print as you normally do. Visit the ‘Where to Save My Files‘ page for more information.

As an alternative, if you are on-campus you can also use campus printing service by accessing NCSU WolfPrint using any internet browser. Visit the ‘WolfPrint‘ instrution page for more information.