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Creating a Windows XP Base Image

This document provides the information on how to set Windows XP as a compute node OS
to under xCAT or vmware based images. Note: xCAT is a cluster management tool used as a provisioning engine within vcl to install bare-metal blades. VCLD can interact with VMware Free Server, VMware ESX Standard Server and VMware ESXi

This document assumes familiarity with using xCAT and vmware. If not - read the Redbook and man pages.
The term "management node" refers to separate server running Linux with xCAT installed. The term compute node refers to the target blade or virtual machine.

All downloads mentioned in this document (drivers and applications) also available on CD "VCL Setup (WindowsXP)" under "drivers" and "apps" directories respectively. However it is recommended to check original web sites for latest versions.

How to Create Linux Images

How to create a VCL Linux image environment.

  1. Select Make a Reservation from the main VCL site.
  2. Select Manage Images
  3. Select "Create / Update an Image" -> submit
  4. From the pull-down menu, select the base image you would like to start with
  5. select the Now button
  6. click Create Imaging Reservation
  7. If the image you have choosen is preloaded wait time will be less than a minute, else you may wait 10-15 minutes while the remote node is being loaded.
  8. click the "Connect" button when it appears. Information on how to connect will be displayed
  9. Use sudo bash to get a root shell.

How to Create Windows Images

How to Create a VCL Windows Image: 

  1. Select "Reservation System" from the VCL home page
  2. Select "Manage Images" from the left navigation bar
  3. Select "Create / Update an Image" and then click Submit
  4. From the base image pull-down menu, select a base image to start with.  Examples:
    • Windows 7 Base (64 bit VM)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Base (64 bit VM)
    • .. or one of the existing images you may have access to
  5. Select the Now under "When would you like to start the imaging process?"

How to Update Existing Images

Updating images is a simliar process to Creating new images. In order to update an image the user must be the owner of the image. The ownership of an image can be transferred by the original owner of that image or by a VCL site administrator under Manage Images -> Edit Image info.

Setting up the default profile for Windows images

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003


Create a profile configuration account:

  1. While logged on as Administrator , create a local Windows user account named MyProfile and add it to the Administrators group
  2. Configure the profile:
    1. Log on as MyProfile
    2. Make desired profile, desktop, and application changes
    3. Log out

Copy the profile to "Default User":

Why aren't there Office/Productivity applications installed in each environment?

The purpose of each VCL environment is to provide someone access to an application or group of applications that the person wouldn't have access to already. There are many Office/Productivity Suites available that can be installed on each user's machine that will be used to connect to the VCL system. OpenOffice is available for free and is compatible with Microsoft Office.

Windows Image Cleanup List



  • Run Windows Update
  • Run any update features for the programs installed in the image
  • Open Acrobat Reader and run the update feature
  • Make sure Acrobat Reader is set to not automatically check for updates
  • Update the antivirus program

Create a User to Configure the Default User Profile

  • Create a new user
    • Uncheck "user has to change password at next login"
    • Add the user to the Administrators group
  • Logout as Administrator and login as the user you created

Configure the User Profile

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