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The NC Education VCL Consortium

Corporate Partners


  • IBM
    IBM has supported and helped fund Apache VCL-related projects and initiatives through numerous hardware grants, software grants, faculty funded research grants, and one time donations.
    The Apache VCL exemplifies the goals of the Virtual Computing Initiative (VCI), launched by IBM and NC State University in 2006, to improve the quality of education through the application of technologies that include virtualization, cloud computing, hosted client-server models, etc.
  • NetApp
    • Feb 2008 - NetApp donated 2 FAS980 filers and software worth over $250,000 to be used to support dynamic provisioning of compute resources in NCSU's install of Apache VCL.
    • Sept 2009 - Through the Department of Computer Science, NetApp, a Super ePartner with the department, has contributed hardware, software and services valued in excess of $260,000 to the university to expand the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) and build the next generation of cloud computing environments. Full news article.
  • Intel
    Intel has supported NCSU's install of Apache VCL through a one time hardware donation worth nearly $2.4 million dollars of Intel blade servers in 2007-2008.
  • EMC2
    EMC has provided a Celerra NS-120 unified storage system, software, and staff expertise to improve performance for provisioning virtualized environments.


  • is a collaborative organization and developer community focused on accelerating the development and adoption of open blade server platforms.
    One of the organization's featured projects is the Virtual Computing Initiative which supports the ongoing development of Apache VCL.